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0000001SOGoWeb Mailpublic2010-09-06 23:52
Reporterbduffau Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.1 
Summary0000001: CTRL+leftclick doesn't exist

When selecting mails in the webui one can select from one mail to another mail with SHIFT+leftclick.

It would be nice to allow one by one mail selection using CTRL+leftclick

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2009-08-18 13:01


Is this still happening? What browser were you using at that time?



2009-08-19 08:27

reporter   ~0000093

I was using and still use Firefox 3.0 (Firefox 3.5 doesn't seem to work for me with SOGo)

The issue is still here and now, i use SOGo 1.0.4.

I hope the description was clear enough : i want to select some precise mail, with CRTL+leftclic and then, delete them or move them, etc...



2010-09-06 23:52

administrator   ~0001414

It's now possible and likely has been for some time.

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