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Summary0002038: Contact App (OS X Mountain Lion) bug when sorting contacts in Groups

When adding a CardDav Account to OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), all contacts are being synced well.

Nevertheless, if the contacts are being grouped into Groups within the Contact App, it works only on the Computer that made the ordering.
If you connect another Mac (Mountain Lion 10.8) to the CardDav Account, the Contacts are unsorted and not present in the groups. If you therefore move the contacts to the group they should be, they get removed on the other computer.

In Short:
-> Add Contacts to Groups in Mac 0000001
-> Contacts are not synced in Groups on Mac 0000002
-> Adding Contacts to Groups as in Mac 0000001 on Mac 0000002 removes them from Groups in Mac 0000001

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2012-12-01 20:37

reporter   ~0005017

It looks like this is a bug by Apple. - They seemingly violate RFC 6352. sets the value of "addressbook-home-set" to /caldav.php/foobar/ instead of /caldav.php/foobar/addressbook/ in ~/Library/Application\ Support/AddressBook/Sources/XYZ-123456-FOOBAR/Configuration.plist.



2012-12-01 20:39

reporter   ~0005018

Section 7.1.1. of RFC 6352 says:

"Description: The CARDDAV:addressbook-home-set property is meant to
allow users to easily find the address book collections owned by
the principal. Typically, users will group all the address book
collections that they own under a common collection. This
property specifies the URL of collections that are either address
book collections or ordinary collections that have child or
descendant address book collections owned by the principal."

The address book software "" in OS X 10.7 & 10.8 seems not to respect this specification.

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