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0001324SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2012-09-15 07:44
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Summary0001324: Feature : Add support for ldap dynamic groups

SOGo supports handle groups for some ldap group objectclasses as stated by,.

However, it would be nice to add support for dynamic groups (see :

First step (should be easy) would be to add support for objectclass "groupOfURLs" which is the canonical name for dynamic groups

Second step would be to add some configuration stanzas in order to dynamically declare any objectclass as a dynamic groups objectclass

Third step (harder) would be to implement the client side part of dynamic groups (see dicuss at

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2012-09-15 07:44

reporter   ~0004480

While still waiting for 0000001 above I found a workaround with openldap.

Openldap has a rwm plugin (overlay) which is able to map both objectclass and attributename to other values. This overlay may be used with a local ldap database (relay backend) or a distant one (ldap/meta backend).

So In openldap I defined a new relay database which
1) define a new domain (dc=rewrite-real-domain) from the real one (dc=real-domain)
2) rewrite the groupOfUrls objectclass to groupOfNames

and then i used dc=rewrite-real-domain in my SOGo Configuration for groups ....

Works like a charm ... and may be of use with others ldap consumer applications :)

So maybe just a new FAQ will suffice ...

Openldap wirh a local database as real ldap content

database relay
suffix "ou=groups,dc=rewrite-real-domain"
relay "ou=groups,dc=real-domain"
overlay rwm

rwm-suffixmassage "ou=groups,real-domain"
rwm-map objectclass groupOfNames groupOfURLs

baseDN = "ou=structures,ou=groups,dc=rewrite-real-domain";

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