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0000903SOGo Integratorpublic2011-02-04 16:43
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Summary0000903: TB 3.1 Falsely says cal invite already processed

If I get an invitation from someone who's calendar I am subscribed to, then the email invitation is marked by TB3.1 (and I believe TB2.0 with 0.101) as "This message contains an event that has already been processed" and thus no accept/decline buttons. This is true for both internal invites and external invites. But it means that if I'm subscribed to my boss's calendar and be invites me to something, I cannot accept the invitation in TB as it thinks I've already handled the invite. In the web interface, it correctly shows the accept/decline buttons and the current status (already accepted, not accepted, etc). It would be great to get this behavior in TB as well.

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2010-10-14 07:29

reporter   ~0001608

Dup of 781 i think



2010-10-14 15:32

reporter   ~0001613

I believe it isn't a duplicate, but related. 781 was fixed, in that if you get an invite from someone you get the accept/decline buttons. This bug is really a bug to that fix, in that the fix only works if you aren't viewing the calendar of the person who invited you (or maybe other invitees). Basically, I think the logic for an invite is to search for that event in all calendars, if found, don't give accept/decline buttons. The problem is that really you need to narrow that search to that event where you can accept/decline an invitation. And ideally you would always get accept/decline buttons (like in the web interface) where it would show the current status and you could update it if you wanted.

Stefan Helms

Stefan Helms

2011-01-20 16:44

reporter   ~0002036

Last edited: 2011-01-20 16:54

Same here and for us this is far more than a minor bug.
It might even prevent us from getting SOGo accepted into production use!
We make heavy use of subscribing to other users calendars. Usually they are not all visible but subscribed so you can quickly check who's doing what.
If a colleague invites you to a meeting whose calendar you have subscribed to but currently set to invisible you can't see the appointment nor accept it to your own calendar.
VERY annoying and confusing. If there is no quick solution, please keep the message as it is but show the buttons none the less as a workaround.

Is there any way I could quickly change this behavior myself by editing some .js file of the lightning addon?



2011-01-20 16:54

reporter   ~0002037

Yes it isn't dup of 781, we are all our calendars subscribed from everyone, then i can't ever see accept/decline buttons



2011-02-04 16:43

administrator   ~0002089

Fixed with

Try out the 1.0b2+105pre1 version from

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