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0000877SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2011-12-22 17:54
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Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0000877: Task dialog in web-interface does not honor VALARMs with DATE-TIME

Reminders in a VALARM calendar component that have been set via external CalDAV client with a DATE-TIME value-type in the TRIGGER property within a VTODO calendar component are not honored by the web-interface. When set the web-interface shows no reminder. Reminders set with the web-interface are restricted to a relative time from the Start or Due date/time within the VTODO.

Note this error is exhibited on the SOGo test server at:

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Example of a VALARM with absolute date time:

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duplicate of 0000633 closed Funambol SOGo Connector Alarms aren't synced correctly. Conversion necessary! 




2010-10-01 18:27

reporter   ~0001538

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Absolutes alarms should be converted as most systems seem to have problems with it. Especially if syncing via SyncML and not via Caldav.

Best solution would be to integrate the full iCalendar standard which supports both kind of alarms, different actions (display, play sound, send mail) and many other usefull things.

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