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0000065SOGo Connectorpublic2021-09-17 12:57
Reporterwebdb22 Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version0.94 
Summary0000065: Birthday field(s) are mixed up during sync

To overcome the limitations of Thunderbird using "MoreFunctionsForAddressBook":
enabling extended fields like birthday, photo, etc.

Synchronizing the birthday fields is very weird: Entering "01" "01" "1971" in the respective fields for "Day", "Month" and "Year" in Thunderbird is correctly synchronized with eGroupWare as "01.01.1971" in the birthday field, fine!

The other way round, entering "01.02.2003" in the birthday field in eGroupWare gets synchronized to Thunderbird as "20030201T000000Z" in the field for "Year". "Day" and "Month" fields are empty.

It seems the birthday date is not split up into day, month, year as Thunderbird expects it.

So any change synchronized into Thunderbird breaks the contents of the birthday fields. This renders the sync of the birthday rather useless. Would be great if this could be fixed! Thanks!

Additional Information

Thunderbird on Ubuntu Hardy
SOGo Connector 0.94
eGroupWare 1.6

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2011-04-07 21:42

reporter   ~0002349

The same happens using
Thunderbird 3.1
Inverse SOGo Connector 3.104
eGroupWare 1.8

2011-04-08 08:19


vcards.utils.js (37,327 bytes)


2011-04-08 08:22

reporter   ~0002350

attached the file with the fix



2021-09-17 12:57

administrator   ~0015457

Please try with a recent version of SOGo and Thunderbird. Reopen ticket if necessary.

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