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0000640SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2010-07-28 08:37
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Product Version1.2.2 
Summary0000640: Visualize event's Owner

A lot of user use a shared calendar, if someone creates a new event, other user can't visualize event's owner. We can't use category, we need owner's name.
We can't see this data in lightning too.

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2010-05-31 08:51

reporter   ~0001080

Owner should be view in web calendar main view without click



2010-07-13 00:08

administrator   ~0001179

This information is currently NOT kept in SOGo/Lightning at all. The organizer is always the calendar's owner.



2010-07-19 07:29

reporter   ~0001196

If my another user creates a new event on my calendar, I lost this information?
I can't see who creates this event? I don't understand why. I think that is an important data, when there is a lot of user that add event on my calendar (like secretary)



2010-07-23 07:22

reporter   ~0001222

Thanks ludovic, but we use one calendar for multi-user inserting, we lost the user that creates the event. Is it possibile to save this?



2010-07-28 08:37

reporter   ~0001254

The process is : a Person (secretary) can create an event in a
calendar for another person (manager) and the properties of the event
look like :

  • the owner is manager
  • the creator is the secretary.

The means it's the secretary takes an event for the manager, but the
properties are the same like the manager takes himself the event.
Is it possible to distinct those figures?

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