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0005876SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-11-20 07:41
Reporterbahnkonzept Assigned Tosebastien  
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Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005876: The functionality to display remote inline images is not functioning as expected.

If you configure the mail settings to "Never display remote inline images," they will still be shown, regardless of this preference. This unexpected behavior can be quite frustrating for users who wish to disable inline image display.
However, when we reply or forward this email, the images are not displayed for me and we cannot delete them. However, when I send the email, the images are still attached and the person receiving the email has those images attached.
We have also included screenshots of the E-Mail and the Message source to add more information.

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2023-09-25 14:42


2023-09-25_11h25_46.png (29,067 bytes)   
2023-09-25_11h25_46.png (29,067 bytes)   
2023-09-25_11h33_51.png (13,476 bytes)   
2023-09-25_11h33_51.png (13,476 bytes)   


2023-09-26 08:13

reporter   ~0017294

Steps for reproduction:

  1. Go to Mail settings
  2. Set "Display remote inline images" to Never
  3. receive a mail which contains an inline image
  4. open the mail

In the mail, the inline images remain, despite the setting. Only when you send the mail itself, it no longer contains inline images.



2023-09-26 08:25

administrator   ~0017297

I have tested on and the feature works as expected.
If images are embedded the images will still be displayed. This applies only for external links.

Can you provide an eml ?




2023-09-26 14:42

reporter   ~0017304

Thank you for your quick responses.

Yes, we tested it on and the result remains the same though
Test cases:

  1. Sogo1 to Sogo1 (Display remote inline images: Always)
  2. sogo1 to sogo1 (Display remote inline images Never)
  3. sogo1 to sogo2 (Display remote inline images: Always)
  4. sogo1 to sogo2 (Display remote inline images: Never)

the image is still present in the mail and has not been different with any of the change.



2023-09-26 14:51

reporter   ~0017305

Please find the eml files downloaded from that showed the unexpected behaviour on pastebin:



2023-11-19 17:14

reporter   ~0017447

Dear SoGo-Team,

after having an view to this issue after updating our SoGo installation to 5.9.0-nightly-20231118 this ticket may be closed as wontfix as the issue does not appear anymore. Sorry for bothering.

Thank you and best regards,

the Bahnkonzept team form Dresden/Germany

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