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0005858SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-10-03 08:46
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Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005858: Using LDAP to list identities creates unspecified-domain entries

I'm using an old LDAP system from ClearOS, it stores email identities as the name part only. When I try to use those identities it allows me to pick the name and send the email but does not append the domain to the address so in the sent folder I have <identity>@unspecified-domain

This is my ldap config

    SOGoUserSources = (
            type = ldap;
            CNFieldName = cn;
/*            IDFieldName = cn;*/
            MailFieldNames = (
            UIDFieldName = uid;
            baseDN = "ou=Users,ou=Accounts,dc=therobinsonfamily,dc=net";
            bindDN = "cn=manager,ou=internal,dc=therobinsonfamily,dc=net";
            bindFields = (
            bindPassword = redacted;
            canAuthenticate = YES;
            displayName = "Local Addresses";
            filter = "(objectClass = clearMailAccount)";
            id = public;
            isAddressBook = NO;
            hostname = ldaps://gateway.clarkconnect.lan:636;

I'd like a way of appending the domain so it records the outgoing email correctly.

I'm certain it worked way back in Sogo v2

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2023-10-03 08:45

reporter   ~0017334

Here is what is in the ldap

cn: Leon Robinson
clearMailAliases: l.l.robinson
clearMailAliases: spoons
clearMailAliases: leon.robinson



2023-10-03 08:46

reporter   ~0017335

this is the sourceof a sent message using an email alias

From: Leon Robinson
User-Agent: SOGoMail 5.9.0
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2023 08:14:25 +0000
Subject: test
Message-ID: <ef-651bcd80-11-7b048400@231811793>

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