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0005856SOGoActiveSyncpublic2023-09-11 13:19
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PlatformVMOSDebianOS Version12
Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005856: Mails sent via EAS from mobile devices stuck in outbox

Sending mails from mobile devices causes them to be stuck in outbox until the mobile client gives up and shows an error. This also leads to multiple e-mail being received by as the mobile client retries multiple time. This has been tested with Android 12 (Samsung Email) as well as with iOS (16.6.1).
The log suggests that the mail has been sent successfully:


Sep 11 08:53:41 sogod [1200]: <0x0x55f4aa0d4c00[SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher]> EAS - request for device SEC13F78...68: <?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE ActiveSync PUBLIC "-//MICROSOFT//DTD ActiveSync//EN" ";>
<SendMail xmlns="ComposeMail:">

2023-09-11 08:53:41.590 sogod[1200:1200] SMTP: STARTTLS successfully performed

No additional informations about the SendMail state of this message in the sogo.log, the postfix mailserver successfully delivered the mail (multiple times).

Steps To Reproduce

Send email from any mobile EAS device

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2023-09-11 13:19

reporter   ~0017263

Same problem with "Microsoft® Outlook® für Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2308 Build 16.0.16731.20052) 64 Bit" via ActiveSync

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