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0005842SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-08-15 13:29
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Product Version5.8.3 
Summary0005842: Show time zone/time in calendar

we would like to report a feature request,
when importing an ICS file into the Web Calendar (version 5.8.3).
we have noticed. The correct time zone of the event is displayed,
but the additional time zone from the ICS file is not displayed.

Below we have attached a picture of how it is in the Apple calendar for example.
When importing a ICS file into the Web Calendar
the time of the event is displayed correctly. The additional
information from the ICS file, such as the time for a second time zone, is not
a second time zone, however, is not displayed in the calendar entry.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. for example, import ICS invitation from emails into calendar

Actual result:
Only one time zone/time is imported in the calendar

Expected result:

When importing the "appointment", both time zones/clock times are to be entered:

  • The default
  • The one where the appointment is located
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2023-08-15 13:29


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