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0005831SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-07-21 07:18
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PlatformServerOSDebianOS Version11
Product Version5.8.2 
Summary0005831: Shared calendar: changing oder deleting items not working

I have a mailcow server with sogo. Here I have calendars from another user which he shared to me.
The permissions are set so that I can create, modify and delete appointments:

[X] This person can add items to my calendar.
[X] This person can delete items from my calendar.

I have synchronized all calendars via CalDAV to my mail client (Thunderbird 102).

Despite the permissions, it is only possible to create appointments. It is not possible to change or delete appointments. These operations can be performed only by the owner of the calendar itself, despite the setting.

I suspect a bug here.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Sharing User

    • Create a calendar.
    • Share the calendar to another user and give all permissions to the user.
  • Receiving User

    • Sync calendar via Caldav
    • Create an calendar-item in the shared calendar
    • Try to edit/delete the newly created calendar-item
Additional Information

This is even not working in sogo-Frontend. It seems not to be an difference between web and caldav.

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