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0005830SOGowith SOGopublic2024-02-05 11:14
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OSLinuxOS VersionDebian 11 
Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005830: In Thunderbird + SOGo Caldav calendar, recurring event schedule is not updated as expected

In Thunderbird, when updating the schedule of all occurrences of a recurring event (that already has a schedule exception on a single occurrence), the event is not updated for the attendees in the SOGo Calendar.

As a result, the resource calendar is displaying wrong or conflicting information.

Steps To Reproduce

With Thunderbird (tested with 91 and 115) and a SOGo Caldav calendar

  • create a recurring weekly event with a attendee (i.e. a resource)
    -> the event is created as expected for both the organizer and the attendee (the resource has accepted it automatically).

  • update the schedule of a single occurrence of the event
    -> the event is updated as expected for both the organizer and the attendee (the resource has accepted the change automatically).

  • update the schedule of all the occurrences of that event
    -> the event is updated for the organizer, but not the attendee. Moreover, the event is visible twice the day of the occurrence updated beforehand.

The expected behavior is that the new schedule should be applied for the attendee as well. The attendee did receive the notice that the event was updated, but the change is not automatically accepted by the resource and can't be accepted manually either.

The same event created and modified the same way through the SOGo webmail is working as expected.

Additional Information

I don't know whether it's a Thunderbird or a SOGo Caldav issue.

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duplicate of 0005713 closedqhivert Calendar is not syncing well the dates of a periodic event to all the attendants 




2023-07-20 15:13

administrator   ~0017119

Is this something new or do you have this problem for quite some times? What nightly version are you using?



2023-07-20 15:27

reporter   ~0017120


it's been weeks at least, had been using the 5.1.0 for years, and upgraded to 5.8.4 ( ) lately, hoping for a solution for weird behaviors with attendees and resources on recurring events.

I believe the issue has existed for long, but it took a while for the users to notice it and for us to reproduce the issue.

I haven't read anything neither on SOGo nor on Thunderbird regarding this behavior, so I tried here first.

Best regards.



2024-02-05 11:14

reporter   ~0017552

We are also having this issue since at least last year. As an workaround i disabled offline caching in thunderbird.
One employee is creating reocurring events for free appointment dates. She then modifes the text if there is an appointment. So the whole event is becoming pretty huge by the time. At some point the synchronisation stops working.
System is currently running on debian bookworm with sogo

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