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0005772SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-06-05 13:08
Reporterleksand Assigned Toqhivert  
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Product Version5.8.2 
Summary0005772: A part of the message text is cut off


For several users, a part of the text is cut off at different times when sending.

At the same time, in the sent (SOGo) folder I see a cropped letter, and through any mail client (thunderbird, outlook or others) I see the full text.

Steps To Reproduce

Until I found out the patterns of how this happens, I'm trying to reproduce. So far, 3-4 cases are known (I'm checking the 4th one)

Tagscropped letter, webmail




2023-05-23 15:15

reporter   ~0016978

mail in thunderbird.png (70,695 bytes)   
mail in thunderbird.png (70,695 bytes)   
cut off mail.png (62,709 bytes)   
cut off mail.png (62,709 bytes)   


2023-05-24 06:30

administrator   ~0016980


You need to provide eml files




2023-05-25 08:59

reporter   ~0016982

I inserted it into microsoft word - in the place where it is cut off there is an unbroken space character (ctrl+ shift+ space in word). But the same symbols were before the cropped place - highlighted with a red arrow.

In eml, I changed the address, full name and part of the text to (dell), the error should not be affected - the requirements of the head

in ms word.png (68,085 bytes)   
in ms word.png (68,085 bytes)   
eml to bug tracker.eml (183,277 bytes)


2023-06-05 10:42

reporter   ~0016997

Is there enough data for diagnostics, do I need help with collecting data for diagnostics?

If the problem is confirmed and in operation, please write so that I can calmly wait for you to be able to solve it.



2023-06-05 13:08

administrator   ~0016998

Yes I was able to see the problem with your eml file. I cannot say when it will be fixed though.
Can I ask if the mail is made by hands or by a program ?

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