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0005763SOGoGUIpublic2023-05-05 17:06
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Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005763: Cannot modify or delete access rights for users that are missing in SOGo

There is no ability to change or delete permissions for mail folder that were given to non-existing user.

Steps To Reproduce

1 Using any IMAP client set ACL for mail folder to any non-existing user.
2 Go to SOGo web interface
3 Try to change permissions for this folder for that user. - permissions (checkboxes) are not displayed
4 Try to delete permission for non-existing user - permission is deleted on UI but the after page refreshed they returnes back.

Additional Information

The same issue is for "authenticated" built-in ACL supported by Dovecot. Such permission cannot be deleted or modified.

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2023-05-05 17:06


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