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0005685SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2023-01-25 15:41
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Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005685: Calendar entry from Outlook via CalDav Synchronizer leads to SQL error "integer out of range"

When using Outlook 2021 with CalDav Synchronizer a brithday entry (which is send to the calendar) leads to the following error:

Jan 25 13:11:15 sogod [121490]: <0x0x55fb19443610[GCSFolder]> ERROR(-[GCSFolder writeContent:fromComponent:container:toName:baseVersion:]): cannot update content : <PostgreSQL72Exception: 0x55fb196f3c80> NAME:PostgreSQL72FatalError REASON:fatal pgsql error (channel=<0x0x55fb195eb980[PostgreSQL72Channel]: connection=<0x0x55fb1a02c550[PGConnection]: connection=0x0x55fb1a02c730>>): ERROR: integer out of range

The error comes from the sql statement (data removed):

c_startdate = 4202346496,
c_name = 'removed.ics';

The c_startdate column is of type INT4. I don't know if the error was introduced by updating to SOGo 5.8.0 or an Outlook / CalDav Synchronizer update. The brithday entry has been in Outlook for years, hasn't been changed and looks ok (no "big" dates entered).

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2023-01-25 15:41

administrator   ~0016598

No changes on SOGo db in 5.8.0.

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