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0005680SOGosogo-toolpublic2023-01-23 10:29
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PlatformServerOSLinuxOS VersionOpenMandriva 5.0
Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005680: sogo-tool update-autoreply doesn't work

sogo-tool update-autoreply -p /path/to/sieve.creds

fails, claiming the file isn't in username:password format even when it actually is.

The problem is the code block starting with "if(max > 0)" in -- at that time, max is 1 on a valid invocation (the 1 argument it is generated from being the filename).

Steps To Reproduce

echo 'username:password' >/path/to/sieve.creds
sogo-tool update-autoreply -p /path/to/sieve.creds

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2023-01-23 10:29

developer   ~0016578

Your problem is, that you have a newline after your passwort.
Just use

echo -n 'username:password' >/path/to/sieve.creds

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