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0005673SOGoGUIpublic2023-01-18 16:18
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Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005673: Automatic divider between message and signature

I'm not feeling very nice with the automatic divider, which is being added between the message and the signature:

--  <- This one here

Within our company, we always add the greetings like “Best Regards, Johnny” at the beginning of our signatures so that we don't need to write this every minute since we write a lot of mails.

The divider should be configurable, since we don't need it by default.

Steps To Reproduce

Add a custom signature and open a message as draft

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2023-01-18 16:18

developer   ~0016568

This is an very old convention already used since Usenet, which is common in multiple email clients.

When replying an email client can automatically distinguish between real text/content and signature and not include anything below that seperator line.

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