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0005650SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2022-11-30 16:12
Reporterptomato Assigned Tosebastien  
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Summary0005650: "Today" button sometimes does not work when calendar is displaying previous week

I have the calendar on week view and often page forwards or backwards to check something that will happen in another week, then use the "Today" button to get back to the current week. This button exhibits strange behaviour, where sometimes it will do nothing, if the displayed week is the previous week.

If displaying any week other than the current or previous week, the button seems to work as expected.

Reloading the page seems to fix the issue every time, but it seems to reoccur regularly, at least once per week.

I don't think this bug was always present, but I'm not sure at which version it started.

Steps To Reproduce

(Today is October 24, in week 43, for the purpose of this demonstration)

  1. Page backwards to week 42, the previous week
  2. Notice October 17 is highlighted as if it was the current day
  3. Click "Today"
  4. Nothing happens

Expected behaviour: Clicking "Today" should change the week view so that today's date is visible.

Further strange behaviour:

  1. Page forwards to week 43, the current week
  2. Click "Today"
  3. View displays week 42, the previous week
  4. Notice now October 18 is highlighted as if it was the current day
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2022-11-29 07:33

administrator   ~0016424

Maybe related to this commit :

I'll take a look on that




2022-11-29 07:38

administrator   ~0016425

I can't reproduce this issue on Please try on that.

Could you also check your browser's javascript console to check if you have issues ?




2022-11-29 19:04

reporter   ~0016428

Thanks for the quick reply.

That commit is from Oct 17 - although I'm not sure 100%, I believe the first time I encountered the issue predates that.

I should've been clearer - this occurs intermittently for me (about once per week), so I can't reproduce it on demand. I'll keep open in my browser for a while and see if I can somehow trigger it. Next time I observe it, I'll also look in the JS console.



2022-11-30 08:36

administrator   ~0016429

Thanks !



2022-11-30 16:12

reporter   ~0016446

I didn't manage to trigger the main problem yet, but here is a screenshot of the wrong day being highlighted as "today" on, including the contents of the console. What I did was click "Today" while viewing week 51. The view jumped back to the correct week, 49, but highlighted 29 November whereas today is 30 November.

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