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0005638SOGoBackend Mailpublic2022-11-10 09:40
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005638: The "Always send vacation message response" configuration did not work

It is not possible to generate an automated vacation answer on every received E-Mail.
The always send vacation message response is not working as expected

(Discard incoming mails during vacation is working correct - for each mail the automated vacation message will be answered)

Steps To Reproduce

1) activate Always send vacation message response
2) send more mails on the mail account

--> only the vacation answer will be responded for the first mail

Additional Information

working with the mailcow docker environment (Version: 2022-09a)

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-11-09 08:31

developer   ~0016356

Do you send multiple emails from the same sender?
If yes, what is set for "Days between responses"?



2022-11-09 13:36

reporter   ~0016360

Several mails are sent one after the other with a pause of at least one minute. The "Days between responses" is set to 1.
However, I assume that this delay time should not have any influence, as every mail should be answered if the option "Always send vacation message response" is activated.

VacationConf.jpg (164,505 bytes)   
VacationConf.jpg (164,505 bytes)   
Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-11-09 13:48

developer   ~0016361

Wrong assumption :-)
This option always aplies.

"Always send vacation message response" only changes the sorting of sending vacation messages and filters.
If not set, filters will come first.
If set, vacation messages are send first.
That is all.



2022-11-09 16:28

reporter   ~0016363

It is confusing for me: What is the correct setting so that every mail is received and further more an out-of-office message is sent on every single one of these received mails?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-11-10 07:57

developer   ~0016366

Sorry, but as of this is not possible.
It states, that the minimum value between auto replies has to be 1 day.

I personally don't see a use case for having an auto reply for every email.
If the sender ignores your first, why send another?



2022-11-10 08:09

reporter   ~0016369

Personally, I understand your point of view. But for my boss and also for some customers it is a "must have" feature. At the moment we are working with ISP configuration and webmail and the users are familiar with the auto-play of each email.
If we could configure "days between replies" with 0, wouldn't that fix this problem?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-11-10 09:12

developer   ~0016370

Obviously I wasn't clear ;-)

Vacation auto replies are implemented via SIEVE rule.
SOGo only is a frontend, setting that SIEVE rule.
SIEVE is implemented in your IMAP server, either natively or via plugin.
Every standard compliant SIEVE implementation will not allow setting "days between replies" to 0.
You would need to reprogram that SIEVE implementation, in order to allow SOGo to set it that way.
And both would break the standard doing so.



2022-11-10 09:40

reporter   ~0016373

Thank you for your well-founded answer - I am now trying to make the users understand the advantage of the "days between response".

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