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0005634SOGoDocumentationpublic2024-04-19 20:22
ReporterChristian Mack Assigned Tosebastien  
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Summary0005634: Enhance Documentation for 2FA (TOTP)

In the SOGo Documentation should be a section about TOTP.
Because that information is needed for account management.

There are some informations lacking:

How to disable 2FA when USER_A looses Key?
Administrator with access to SOGo server has to use this command:
/usr/sbin/sogo-tool user-preferences set defaults USER_A SOGoTOTPEnabled '{"SOGoTOTPEnabled": 0}'

When 2FA was disabled and is reenabled again, will there be a new key generated?
That key will be generated new when the user enables it again via webfrontend.
When enabled via sogo-tool (???)

When there is a centralised TOTP infrastructure, how can we set that TOTP key in SOGo?

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2022-11-01 09:20

administrator   ~0016330

Thank you Christian for your feedback, I will update the documentation

2024-04-19 20:22

reporter   ~0017712

We already have an OTP infrastructure - our users are using Hardware-Token and/or google-autheticator-APP.
So we have SharedSecrets which can be used.
In Database sogo / Table sogo_user_profile there I found the Items "General":{"PrivateSalt":" (...) ","Salt":" (...) "}.
How can one put the SharedSecret (Base32 or HEX - coded / SHA1 / 30s) into the database?

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