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0005623SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2022-10-10 13:57
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Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005623: No message to attendee is triggered when invitation is in the past

When creating an event invite not in the past,
the attendee receive a notification and automatically placed in their calendar.

When creating an event invite in the past,
the attendee receive no notification, but it is placed in their calendar.

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nightly build for debian:

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-10-10 13:24

developer   ~0016275

That is intended behaviour.
No one needs invites for already past events.



2022-10-10 13:57

reporter   ~0016276

In principle it would be like this, but there are users who enter a calendar entry for jointly completed tasks or activities (immediately after their activity - participants as attendees).
I just couldn't find a description for past invitations in the RFC just by doing a quick search.
But thanks for your reply and pointing out , that invites are regulated like this in the past.

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