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0005611SOGoWeb Mailpublic2022-10-17 06:47
ReporterChoppel Assigned Tosebastien  
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Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005611: Cannot choose other calendar when creating an appointment

I have some other peoples calendars subscribed and have the right to create appointments in those.
But when creating a new appointment I cannot choose the calendar in which I want to create it. The select box only shows my own calendar.
However, if I edit an appointment I can change the calendar and save it. It shows up on the subscribed calendar.
In Thunderbird everything works as expected so I assume it's not a problem with the backend.

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duplicate of 0005581 resolvedsebastien not able to create event in addtional calendar 




2022-09-28 09:43

reporter   ~0016247

I have the same issue in the web interface.

Creating a new appointment in a different calendar works on my Android device.



2022-10-07 05:11

reporter   ~0016266

Dear Mr. Bozzie4,
ich have solved this only by deselection the email address in the properties of the personal calendar.
Select simply "no" for the "email" property. After this you shoudl be able to select the calender
for a new appointment.



2022-10-07 08:17

reporter   ~0016269

@Colmar0: I am not able to follow your instructions. There is no "email" property that I can set to "no".
Also, the issue was tagged as duplicate of 0005581. This issue states that the whole problem will be fixed in 5.7.2. So I'll just wait for it.



2022-10-07 08:26

reporter   ~0016270

In Thunderbird Version 102.3.1 (32-Bit) it look like shown in the attachment.

Calendar_Property_Thunderbird.jpg (129,082 bytes)   
Calendar_Property_Thunderbird.jpg (129,082 bytes)   


2022-10-07 13:26

reporter   ~0016272

This issue tracks a bug in the SOGo web interface. In Thunderbird everything works as expected. So - no offense - but your comment is out of scope of this ticket.
Also, the issue seemed to be fixed in 0005581. So this ticket (0005611) can be closed IMO.



2022-10-17 06:47

administrator   ~0016283

I agree with @Choppel - the calendar issue on the web interface shall be fixed in nightly. However the fix have no impacts on TB.

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