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0005607SOGosogo-toolpublic2022-12-02 14:16
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Summary0005607: rejection sent to all participants

When deleting an appointment by a participant (partner@indres), a cancellation is sent to all participants. The appointment should only be deleted for the user.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-09-22 09:39

developer   ~0016235

No, not quite true!

There are the following roles possible:
1) owner/organizer
2) chair
3) participant
4) optional participant
5) non participant

If the cancelling user has role 1) owner/organizer or 2) chair of the event, then this instance of the event will not take place.
Therefore all participants have to be informed, that it is cancelled.

If role is 3) participant or 4) optional participant it should inform all participants about the declining person not taking part of the meeting, but the event will take place.

If role is 5) non participant then only the 1) owner/organizer will be informed, that this person will not attend.



2022-12-02 12:48

reporter   ~0016455

What exactly do you mean by your answer, are these the features that are currently working or those that are planned?

  1. "If the cancelling user has role 1) owner/organizer or 2) chair of the event, then this instance of the event will not take place."
    It doesn't delete the appointment if you are appointed chair and then you don't attend the appointment.

  2. Also, it would be nice if you, as organiser or chairperson, could delegate the invitation to another person.

  3. We also believe that a non-participant should not inform anyone if they do not participate.

You see, it would be great if a configuration or at least a pop-up message "Do you want to sent a declining message?" would be great.



2022-12-02 14:16

reporter   ~0016456

unfortunately we did not explain it completely in the first ticket

Test-Case 1 (not working)

  • Organiser invites a group mail adress (not in SoGo)
  • group mail address deploys to several mail accounts (one of them in SoGo)
  • One from this group declines the invitation in SoGo

-The appointment remains but as declined
-The organiser receives a notification


  • The appointment is deleted for all
  • All (not only the organiser)participants will receive a notification

since this is a major bug, it would be nice if you could fix it soon.

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