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0005598SOGoActiveSyncpublic2022-11-20 20:24
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PlatformGoogleOSAndroidOS Version6.0-12.0
Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005598: EAS Calendar does not sync more than 1 last month of events

Any Android calendar app won't sync more than 1 month of events over EAS. I tried on multiple phones.

A bit of a speculation, but this could be connected to another issue where random mails start going missing on Android EAS clients (IMAP and sogo webUI are unaffected).

Steps To Reproduce

On any Android phone add an EAS account which has more than one month of events going into the past. Try viewing those events in a Calendar app. I tried Google Calendar but remember the same happening with other apps.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-09-09 09:54

developer   ~0016213

As far as I know, that is a limitation of the calendar apps on android.
They always will only sync recurring events, that are still active and events back to 1 month.

Nothing SOGo can change.



2022-09-12 16:07

reporter   ~0016219

I tried this with a random EAS provider I found -, and it syncs more than 1 month in the past (non-recurring of course). I am not using EAS on Android with SOGo since I couldn't find multiple events and e-mails and some contact details due to it. Of course I understand its limitations but some seem like bugs, like the one being reported. I have another one where e-mails randomly go missing but I have no way at all to reproduce it reliably. It is extremely random and affects all Android EAS clients I tried (Samsung Mail and Gmail) - they probably use the same backend (don't take my word for it though)



2022-11-18 16:43

reporter   ~0016398

I learned that Z-Push (another implementation of ActiveSync) has an option where one can limit how many months backwards the Calendar syncs - maybe Sogo implicitly limits this to 1 month?



2022-11-18 18:28

reporter   ~0016400

Can you please set SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES and check sogo.log for the FilterType value is included in the requests?

<!DOCTYPE ActiveSync PUBLIC "-//MICROSOFT//DTD ActiveSync//EN" ";>
<Sync xmlns="AirSync:">
<FilterType>7</FilterType> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
<BodyPreference xmlns="AirSyncBase:">



2022-11-19 18:24

reporter   ~0016402

<BodyPreference xmlns="AirSyncBase:">



2022-11-20 18:16

reporter   ~0016405

<FilterType>4</FilterType> means that the device requests objects that are dated within the time window of 2 weeks.



2022-11-20 20:24

reporter   ~0016407

Is this entirely under the client's control though? As I said before, I tried and it synced further back over EAS. On the calendar side, there is no way to set this in any of the calendar apps, yet only Sogo syncs up to last month (or even 2 weeks apparently).

I am going to clean out my little testing environment and check again, if the setting in gmail/samsung mail app affects calendar syncing too as that is the only place where I can set how far back I want the sync to go - no calendar has such options, in fact calendar apps on Android don't seem to have their own accounts, the calendar apps only read what is "already" on the phone synced via other means (davxdroid caldav, gmail eas, samsung mail eas..)

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