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0005579SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2022-08-17 15:20
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OSdebianOS Version11 
Product Version5.7.0 
Summary0005579: subscribe to shared address books not possible

at webui users are able to subscribe to other address books
with caldav devices subscibtion to shared books not possible (read only acl are set for explicit users on shared books)

Steps To Reproduce

test2.test2@test.local: shares address books to user test1.test1@test.local , ACL "Any Auth. User" has now right
test1.test1@test.local: subscribtion on the web interface is functioning

test1.test1@test.local via IOS/Thunderbird/eMule:
shared books of test2.test2@test.local can not be added or be found (even with direct link-url

Additional Information

logs at webserver (apache) shows following:

"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test2.test2@test.local/Calendar/139C-62FBF300-5-70FCDF00/ HTTP/1.1" 401
"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test2.test2@test.local/Calendar/139C-62FBF300-5-70FCDF00/ HTTP/1.1" 207

-> deny - login
-> login test1.test1@test.local for shared book of test2.test2@test.local
but after login only books of test1.test1@test.local are returned non of test2.test2@test.local

"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test1.test1@test.local HTTP/1.1" 401
"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test1.test1@test.local HTTP/1.1" 207
"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test1.test1@test.local/Contacts/ HTTP/1.1" 207
"PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test1.test1@test.local/Contacts/personal/ HTTP/1.1" 207
"REPORT /SOGo/dav/test1.test1@test.local/Contacts/personal/ HTTP/1.1" 207

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