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0005563SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-09-28 16:08
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Product Version5.7.0 
Summary0005563: Confirmation emails for appointments go to calendar owner instead of appointment organizer

We have shared a calendar with other users. Now it happens from time to time that we receive an email for this calendar, although all notifications have been disabled in the calendar settings. The emails are (all) commitments/cancellations of appointments in the calendar and they have "You received a reply to a scheduling event but the sender of the reply is not a participant." as text. Can I disable these emails? Shouldn't the emails even go to the creator of the appointment and not to the owner of the calendar?

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2022-07-22 20:18

administrator   ~0016139

The mail notification you are referring is an IMIP reply. It is sent to the organizer which is the owner of the calendar. See RFC 5545.



2023-09-28 16:08

reporter   ~0017321

Should not "DELEGATED-TO" or "SENT-BY" solve the problem?

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