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0005522SOGoActiveSyncpublic2022-11-10 15:38
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Product Version5.6.0 
Summary0005522: Forward/Reply status icons not syncing

Forwarding/replying messages produces appropriate status icons in the local client but this status change is not synced to other clients (incl webmail).

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Reply message from EAS client 1 (reply status icon shows)
  2. Open message in EAS client 2 (reply status icon does not show)

Similarly for forward. Also applies to SOGo webmail/EAS client and v/v.

Additional Information

was already reported, but problem is still existend in 5.6.0

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2022-11-10 15:38

reporter   ~0016382

this problem still exists. i looked at the sogo eas source code, and this fundamental feature in not implemented.

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