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0005509SOGoApple iPhone OSpublic2022-11-03 13:47
ReporterTroy Assigned To 
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Platform[Client] AppleOSiOSOS Version7
Product Version5.5.0 
Summary0005509: Calendar update sync failures

We have become aware of an issue with Sogo calendaring, specifically syncing from IOS devices, after the initial push. Calendar updates made on the IOS device don't to push to the server. Updates/Changes on the server, made via MacOS, don't appear on the device after the initial push. Deleting the calendar from the IOS device and pulling a second initial sync brings all the latest changes.

Confirmed this behavior on 2ea IOS devices, both latest IOS version. 15.4.1.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Link IOS calendar to Sogo Calendar server
  • Link a non IOS calendar to the same account on the sogo calendar server, or sogo web calendar
  • Create event on IOS device on a Sogo hosted calendar, either by hand or by email invite
  • Wait >5m Nothing appears on non-IOS calendars


  • Create event on non-IOS calendar
  • Wait ~5m nothing appears on IOS calendar
  • Turn IOS calendar off, deleting existing calendar from device
  • Turn IOS calendar back on wait ~2m and event appears on IOS calendar.
Additional Information

This issue also impacts IOS users when:

  • Event accept/maybe/decline notices received via email are not updated to server
  • Event deletions are not being removed from server
  • Event changes are not being updated to the server
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2022-04-28 13:34

reporter   ~0016016

This is major to our use, as the trouble is impacting the ownership team, and they want me to get it fix promptly

Thanks for the assistance



2022-04-29 12:32

administrator   ~0016017

Are you using CalDAV or ActiveSync?

Do you have this issue regardless of the data? Do you have the issue when starting with single empty calendar?



2022-05-02 13:05

reporter   ~0016020

Last edited: 2022-05-02 18:59

We only use CalDAV

On every test thus far yes, regardless of the data, nothing elaborate here, time, date & subject events are what has been tested most often

I had not tested single empty calendar so I have now, steps to reproduce shown below:

  • Create new calendar via web calendar UI
  • Create new event on new calendar via web UI
  • New event appeared as expected on IOS client
  • Delete event via Web UI
  • Create new event on new calendar via IOS client
  • New event appeared in Web UI as expected
  • Changed event in Web UI, and change was not propagated to IOS client


2022-05-04 05:57

reporter   ~0016022

Use ActiveSync for iOS. Our team uses it and has no problems with iOS.



2022-05-04 11:51

administrator   ~0016026

@akimov : Are you also using iOS 15.4.1?



2022-05-04 12:04

reporter   ~0016028

Yes. I've tested activeSync with iOS 15.4.1
CalDAV in apple OS ( iOS, macOS ) is bugged: for example using astronomical time for fields tzoffsetto and tzoffsetfrom

It's a bug in case of incorrect using some functions from these lib



2022-05-23 16:21

reporter   ~0016077

Are there any updates on when this will be remedied?

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