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0005360SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2021-07-21 08:00
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PlatformWindows, Mac 
Product Version5.1.1 
Summary0005360: invitation with reminder is not working proberly for Thunderbird lightining clients.

User A and B have Caldav Calendars subscribed to their personal SOGo Calendar in Thunderbird Lightning.

If user A create an event invitation with Attendees user B trough webmail or TB Lightning,
Attendees User B has no attendance option clicking on the event in TB.

In SOGo Webmail user B is able to confirm.

expected please see file upload 1.png but getting please see 2.png

Additional Information

Thunderbird 78.12.0

Tested under Windows 10 and MacOS Big Sur

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2021-07-21 07:57


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1.png (15,400 bytes)   
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2021-07-21 08:00

reporter   ~0015363

sorry, forget to add server information:

SOGO is running under Debian 10

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