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Summary0005358: Synchronizing tags between SOGo and Thunderbird leads to loss of tags if they contain characters with accents

For IMAP, it is specific that strings can be converted into IMAPUtf7 encoding. This also applies to tag names. If the user uses characters with accents in the tag name, they are stored on IMAP in IMAPUtf7 encoding. And this represents the problem in synchronization of tags in the SOGo extension for Thunderbird.

Here are two procedures for demonstrating the problem.
Each of them causes different scope of the problem.

Steps To Reproduce

A. Creating a tag in Thunderbird and sychronization to SOGo:

  1. Start Thunderbird and open some IMAP account.
  2. Select a New tag from the Message / Tag menu.
  3. Enter the name of the tag that will contain accents – such as Objednávka. You notice that here is only one item == it is not possible to enter a different tag name and tag description.
  4. Assign a new tag to some messages.
  5. Exit Thunderbird and start again.
  6. Note that messages do not have an assigned tag.
  7. Open the tags management – you'll see that the tag disappeared!
  8. Create an identical tag again and notice that all messages that have assigned this tag are marked again.
  9. In SOGo Web interface you can notice that the tag is not synchronized there.

Problem: Thunderbird creates a tag properly on IMAP and assigns it to messages, but the tag is omitted during synchronization to SOGo and then deleted in Thunderbird.

B. Create a tag in SOGo and synchronization to Thunderbird:

  1. Use the SOGo web interface and create a tag of the same name and description, as was the original tag created in Thunderbird – such as Objednávka.
  2. Note that all messages that have assigned this tag are now marked also in the SOGo web interface.
  3. Open the tags settings in the SOGo web interface again and notice that the tag name is now displayed in raw IMAPUtf7 encoding, while description is displayed correctly.
  4. Start Thunderbird and open tags management.
  5. You notice that all the tags have disappeared! Yes, all the tags are gone.

Problem: SOGo creates information about the tag in the database, but it completely breaks the synchronization of tags into Thunderbird. Therefore, the scope of the problem is even greater than in the previous case.

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