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0005343SOGoApple Calendar (Mac OS X)public2021-06-22 14:24
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Summary0005343: "Private" attribute for CalDAV calendar in Apple Calendar not available

I would like to mark events in my calendar as "Private" - however Apple Calendar does not offer the option.
According to Apple manuals, for all CalDAV and Exchange-managed calendars, there should be a "Private" option.

P.S. Love SoGO already after few days of using it...

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Link CalDAV calendar of SoGO to Apple Calendar
  2. Create an event, and check to mark it private.
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2021-06-22 14:20

administrator   ~0015333

I don't think allows to change an event class (public/confidential/private). You need to create separate calendars with different rights instead.

Where did you read that the classification of events can be changed in



2021-06-22 14:24

reporter   ~0015334

It does and it works e.g., with an old 2013 Exchangeaccount I have - You can find it here where Apple also says it is possible for CalDAV servers:

"Aktiviere das Markierungsfeld „Privat“.
Wenn das Markierungsfeld „Privat“ nicht angezeigt wird, hat das Ereignis entweder keine Teilnehmer oder wird nicht über einen CalDAV- oder Exchange-Server verwaltet."

"Activate the" Private "checkbox.
If the "Private" checkbox is not displayed, the event either has no attendees or is not being managed by a CalDAV or Exchange server. "

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