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0005249SOGo ConnectorBackend Address Bookpublic2021-05-18 11:20
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Summary0005249: Contacts copied by Thunderbird from one Address book to another shared address book do not sync

Contacts copied by Thunderbird from one Address book to another shared address book do not sync. With Version 78 of TB and the corresponding plug-in.

Steps To Reproduce

Take a contact in one address book that is owned by the user. Drag and drop this to a shared address book. The contact will not show on the server. If the contact is edited it still will not sync to the server.
New contacts will sync to the server. Contacts also sync from the server to TB.

Logs see below.

Additional Information

The logs from the server when a contact is moved to a new address book.

Jan 19 09:58:10 sogod [2348007]: x.x.x.x "PUT /SOGo/dav/cn/Contacts/C4849D44-FB00-0001-BB82-1F9E1DA912C5/C59AAF36-CDC0-0001-9983-1CE014E015F2.vcf HTTP/1.1" 201 0/212 0.017 - - 0 - 29

this is the log from a newly created contact:
Jan 19 09:55:55 sogod [2348007]: x.x.x.x "PUT /SOGo/dav/cn/Contacts/sogo_DAE-559B7180-B-7F99AC80/DAE-559B7180-C7-7F99AC80 HTTP/1.1" 204 0/350 0.055 - - 0 - 30

You can see that the moved contact is synced with a uuid (C4849D44-FB00-0001-BB82-1F9E1DA912C5) from the address book where it is coming from not the one it should be synced with. This does not change if you edit the contact (same "error")

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2021-01-20 17:36

administrator   ~0015053

It looks like a regression was added to recent TB versions since it used to work.

When you now DnD a contact from address book A to B, it does a PUT in A (instead of B) following with a DELETE in A. So you have data loss.

I'll dig more to see where it might come from and if we can workaround it in the SOGo Connector.



2021-05-18 11:20

reporter   ~0015268

This has been fixed upstream. See here:

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