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0005080SOGoBackend Generalpublic2020-07-10 15:36 Assigned To 
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version4.3.2 
Summary0005080: Possible memory leak

I have SOGO version 4.3.2 deployed as part of a full solution under mailcow This means that SOGo is deployed on a docker container.

Checking the memory consumption I see the memory starts at around 230-240 MB and then it keeps growing and piling up memory exceeding 2GB and possibly crashing the system as it keeps acquiring more memory.

I'm not sure how to investigate this, so any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Tagsdocker, memory, sogo


related to 0005070 resolvedfrancis [SOGo] current source cannot synchronize defaults 


2020-07-10 15:26

reporter   ~0014516

I notice that I have an excessive amount of these messages from the logs:

Jul 10 18:25:10 4bd959698a38 sogod [66]: [ERROR] <0x0x560d4aa0f8a0[SOGoDomainDefaults]> current source cannot synchronize defaults

Jul 10 18:25:45 4bd959698a38 sogod [11]: [WARN] <0x0x560d49279b90[WOWatchDogChild]> pid 63 has been hanging in the same request for 4 minutes

Jul 10 18:25:51 4bd959698a38 sogod [55]: <0x0x560d4a54eae0[SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher]> Sleeping 45 seconds while detecting changes for user <user-email-here> in Ping...
Jul 10 18:2

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