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0005067SOGoWeb Mailpublic2020-08-04 16:34
ReporterEricC Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platform[Server] LinuxOSRHEL/CentOSOS Version7
Product Version4.3.2 
Summary0005067: disappearing signature

the signature disappears after some use !!!!

When I add a signature (html or picture) it disappears from the preferences after a while (random).

Thank you for your help

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-07-30 16:15

developer   ~0014598

Does someone else have access to that account?
Which database management system are you using?
Do you have daily backups?
What does 'sogo-tool backup ...' provide for that account before and after vanishing of the signature?



2020-07-30 16:39

reporter   ~0014599

We are two to have access to this account.
We use mysql.
No active backup with sogo-tools
I just have a mysql database dump every night



2020-07-30 17:03

administrator   ~0014600

Do you have a cluster of sogo servers?

Do you have a parallel instance running version 2 of SOGo?



2020-07-30 17:38

reporter   ~0014601

it is a simple installation under centos.

The basic installation is in version 4.3.0, updated in 4.3.2

The problem existed from the base install and persine after the update

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-08-04 16:34

developer   ~0014630

Do you expire your sessions?

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