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0004998SOGoActiveSyncpublic2020-04-03 09:39
Reporterondrej.kolin Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version18.04
Product Version4.3.0 
Summary0004998: SOGO EAS - Failed to parse IMAP answer

Hello my log is filling with:

32947448:Apr 01 10:56:16 sogod [24566]: <0x0x55f789f97850[NGImap4ResponseParser]> ERROR(-[NGImap4ResponseParser _parseData]): got content size '0'!
32947449:Apr 01 10:56:16 sogod [24566]: <0x0x55f789f97850[NGImap4ResponseParser]> ERROR(-[NGImap4ResponseParser _parseBodyContent]): got no data.
32947450:Apr 01 10:56:16 sogod [24566]: <0x0x55f789f97850[NGImap4ResponseParser]> ERROR: got no body content for key: 'body[1]'

I am unable to detect the message responsible for this bug, even with IMAP debug on.

This looks like its stoping the syncing completly.

With your help I am sure, we can find the problematic message :)

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2020-04-03 08:24

reporter   ~0014253

You can try with SOGoMaximumSyncWindowSize=1 to reduce the sync to 1 mail per request. With that parameter you should be able to identify the last mail sync successfully.
The next one should be the culbrit.



2020-04-03 09:39

reporter   ~0014254

It was probably identified in the other issue. But I will do this nexttime when the sync will fail again. As it somehow runs now. Don't want to drive my users crazy. Thanks for the idea!

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