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0004942SOGoActiveSyncpublic2020-01-26 01:13
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PlatformGoogleOSAndroidOS Version10
Product Version4.2.0 
Summary0004942: EAC-based searches do not return same results as web interface

It appears that a users who have complex folder hierarchies do not receive the same search results in EAC as they do via the SOGo web interface. They appear to be missing a large number of results from their Inbox, if not all of the results from their Inbox, when searching via EAC. SOGo web interface returns expected results. Checking the "Synchronize only default mail folders (EAS) via the user's mail preferences in the SOGo web interface seems to resolve this issue for EAC connections, but does not allow user to subscribe to any sub-folders they have created.

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Unclear as affected users have 15+ folders containing many emails each. Some users have sub-folders within these folders as well.

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2020-01-23 04:30

reporter   ~0014088

Issue affects both Active Sync from desktop client (Outlook 2016) and mobile client (Gmail).



2020-01-23 18:37

reporter   ~0014097

You say Outlook 2016 is affected. But, as far I know Outlook is doing the search just local, there is no request sent to sogo.
You can set SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES and check sogo.log when doing a search.

For other EAS devices we currently only search the "subject" and "from" header. (see also 4868)
To check whether the search not searching all imap-folder you could test with ImapDebugEnabled = YES;



2020-01-26 01:13

reporter   ~0014104

My mistake regarding Outlook Active Sync. The issue is only with mobile clients.

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