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Product Version4.1.0 
Summary0004897: Resizing of panes in mail view and spam functionality

So far, I really like SoGo, but I see a couple of fundamental user issues.

1) The three-pane and two-pane mail views both have the same column width for the message list, and there seems to be no way to change this.
As a result, long sender addresses and long subject lines can't be read in full without opening the mail. If I access SoGo WITHOUT a widescreen display, it therefore find it takes a long time to process new mail, as each mail must be opened to view the full sender and subject.

REQUEST - add the ability for users to resize the 3 pane widths.

2) SPAM handling
Is there a way of classifying mail as spam and automatically moving it to a spam folder? I can't find one.

REQUEST A - Add a 'spam' button next to the delete button

REQUEST B - Provide feedback to Zentyal spam filter that the message was classified by the user as spam.

Steps To Reproduce

Access webmail and try to resize columns or read a message with a long subject line

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2019-12-02 09:20

developer   ~0013945

To 2)
A) There is a Spam button next to the delete button in the mail list.
It can be used after selecting the email in the list, by clicking on the icon in front of it.

B) SOGo provides the ability to configure email addresses, which get the Spam (or Ham) forwarded.
See SOGoMailJunkSettings in <>
You just have to automatically read that account and train your Antispam solution of choice.

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