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0004812SOGowith SOGopublic2020-08-07 10:49
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version4.0.8 
Summary0004812: Operation bind failed - MySQL and LDAP


I'm using two user sources into a complex system structure.
The two user sources are one used with mysql driver and another one used with ldap.

The system, sometimes during the day, rejects all users and gives this kind of errors:

sogod [3801]: [ERROR] <0x0x564d93ba0eb0[LDAPSource]> Could not bind to the LDAP server ldaps://xxxxxxxx:636 ldaps://xxxxxxxx:636 (636) using the bind DN: MSA\ldapsnom
Sep 16 13:18:23 sogod [3801]: [ERROR] <0x0x564d93ba0eb0[LDAPSource]> <NSException: 0x564d94569fc0> NAME:LDAPException REASON:operation bind failed: Can't contact LDAP server (0xFFFFFFFF) INFO:{"error_code" = "-1"; login = "MSA\ldapsnom"; }

sogod[3801] ERROR: could not open MySQL4 connection to database 'postfix': Unknown MySQL server host 'xxxxxxxx' (11)

I can assure that xxxxxxxx server are always online and used by many other services. In addiction, the xxxxxxxx servers are set in the /etc/hosts file, as we don't whant to use dns lookups for the internal mail configuration.

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2019-09-16 12:19

administrator   ~0013746

Are you using IPv6?



2019-09-16 12:25

reporter   ~0013747

IPV6 is enabled but all names are resolved by hosts in IPV4 format.
Do you whant I try to disable IPV6 at network level?



2019-09-19 08:13

reporter   ~0013758

I disabled all the ipv6 network stack but the problem still happens.
I have also some segfault errors:

[502730.916920] sogod[30562]: segfault at 7fd084e546b0 ip 00007fd084cf6348 sp 00007fff60efc6c0 error 7 in[7fd084b7d000+4c0000]
[595715.257991] sogod[9277]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5dffcb8264 sp 00007ffe74db1610 error 4 in[7f5dffc4b000+1c0000]

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2019-09-20 07:39

developer   ~0013760

Is there a Firewall between your SOGo Server and your LDAP/database?
Perhaps that kills connections in between.

Do your LDAP and database have limitations on how many connections can be made?
We had problems because of that every time "sogo-tool backup" was running, as it generates one connection per user.



2019-09-20 07:57

reporter   ~0013761

Like I said before, the problem is random. All day long the sogo boxes can work and randommly they lost connections. In advance, if I enter in the system shell, I see sogo errors but I can use the remote ldap and mysql services using telnet and openssl and mysql client.

We have two sogo boxes. One is in LAN and connects to a Ldap server in LAN and to a mysql database locally (installed in box). The other one is in a DMZ, and connects to the LAN ldap server and to the LAN sogo box.

Do you think that the default limits of MySQL and Windows Active Directory can be reached? I can try to verify at the next error if the limits are reached but as I wrote before, when sogo can't connect locally to it's database, i can via mysql client.



2020-08-07 10:49

reporter   ~0014647

In our case the problem was that SOGo eats OS error messages in case of network errors.

So the "you ran out of file descriptors" error gets translated into completely bogus "Can't contact LDAP server"

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