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0004788SOGoWeb Mailpublic2019-07-24 08:19
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PlatformServerOSUbuntuOS Version18.04
Product Version4.0.8 
Summary0004788: LDAP Multiple attribute mail ignored

If a user object in ldap is defined as posixUser with multiple account like this:


Only the first one can be selected in SOGo frontend. Configuration file looks like this:

SOGoUserSources = (
CNFieldName = cn;
IDFieldName = cn;
IMAPHostFieldName = gosaMailServer;
IMAPLoginFieldName = uid;
UIDFieldName = uid;
baseDN = "dc=benocs,dc=com";
bindDN = "cn=Directory Manager";
bindFields = (uid, mail);
bindPassword = "topsecret007";
canAuthenticate = YES;
displayName = "Other users";
hostname = "ldap://";
id = public;
type = ldap;
isAddressBook = YES;
MailFieldNames = (mail);

Steps To Reproduce

Testing SOGo against FreeIPA, which is upstream project for Red Hat Identity Manager.

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2019-07-24 08:19

reporter   ~0013675

i'm sorry to write here but. i hope if you told us what is the best configuration for FreeIPA to see all tape of it on SOGo like Department or Phone , etc.. in addition to this bug

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