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0004771SOGopublic2023-01-26 07:42
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Summary0004771: Support Exchange Web Services (EWS)

I'd like to start a discussion of implementing EWS support in SOGo.

For people running Outlook for MacOS, it is currently not possible to properly integrate SOGO into their workflow.

Microsoft has shared some documentation i.e.

and has open sourced EWS client implementations on Github

Even as Microsoft has deprecated EWS in favor of MicrosoftGraph, perhaps it is a worthwhile addition to support EWS in SOGo?


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2021-01-05 16:56

reporter   ~0015018

This feature would be really great, 'cause Outlook on Mac does not support caldav / carddav this time.
Also Outlook for mac does not provide EAS support.
So we could also bring up a sync feature for calendar and contacts also to Outlook for Mac.



2021-04-06 22:47

reporter   ~0015185

Also voting for this. We are now in the proces of implementing a new e-mail system, in which SoGo is the mailclient. However we run into serious issues with iPhone users, which are bound into using e-mail true IMAP or through the IOS mail app. It aint possible for them to use other, alternative mail apps, since they are all primary build and configured to use EWS.

This would be a great feature / add-on.



2021-05-18 18:32

reporter   ~0015270

Found also a other opensource team which say they implemented Outlook Anywhere :
As the first open source solution – with a full-featured implementation of Outlook Anywhere (RPC-over-HTTP) and MAPI-over-HTTP, grammm is the alternative to proprietary backends for native interoperability with Microsoft Outlook.

SOGo should take a look at these points



2023-01-25 21:02

reporter   ~0016604

Hi team Alinto. Would you be able to comment on this issue?

I expect providing an integrated experience between Windows/Linux/MacOS would increase adoption and thus pave the way for further business.




2023-01-26 07:42

administrator   ~0016605

Hi @raoulbhatia,

Unfortunately this is currently not in our roadmap. We will give you more informations about the features and bug fixes for SOGo in march.


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