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0004722SOGoBackend Mailpublic2019-04-02 06:46
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Product Version3.2.6 
Summary0004722: Making a copy of sent emails in the sent folder should be optional

My email server already makes a copy of the sent emails in the sent folder.

I already sent my mail clients or even roundcube to not make a copy, and it works perfectly.

When I send an email with SOGo, I found two copies of the same email in the sent folder.

Please, add an option to disable this behaviour, especially for big emails.

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This is my project, with Postfix / Dovecot, etc.

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2019-04-02 06:46

reporter   ~0013510

Commenting out the "SOGoSentFolderName" seems to do the trick exactly as I wish. I did not try it before, I thought the interface would not recognise the Sent folder any more.

My IMAP server returns the special folder, as part of the RFC (IMAP LIST Extension for Special-Use Mailboxes RFC 6154), so that may be the explanation.
In this case, the documentation could clarify this point?

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