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0004675SOGoWeb Mailpublic2019-05-07 08:43
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Product Version4.0.4 
Summary0004675: Open incoming mail in new window - save multiple attachments not working

When I use mailcow to read new mail there's a feature that let me save multiple attachments in one file as zip. When I select an email and choose "Open in new Mail Window" this feature won't work.

Steps To Reproduce
Login to Webmailer
Open Inbox
Select Email
Klick Button "Open in new Mail Window" in the upper right corner
This emails opens up in a new browser window
Klick Menu Button (three dots in upper right corner)
Download All Attachments
Nothing happens
Additional Information

We're using Mailcow and they asked us to report this bug here.

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2019-05-07 08:43

reporter   ~0013565

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When will someone look into this?

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