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0004600SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2018-11-21 11:53
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Summary0004600: Multiple reminders per event

I am using mailcow which implements SOGo. As of now it is not possible for me to set multiple reminders (which I can using the standard iCloud Cal).
But to be honest, I am not sure whether the problem is on iOS/MacOS, Mailcow or SOGo.

If it's the latter, it would be really great if this could be supported in the future.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2018-11-21 08:12

developer   ~0013184

That is not possible in SOGo.
Just curious.
What for do you need that?



2018-11-21 11:29

reporter   ~0013186

Last edited: 2018-11-21 11:53

I.e. A reminder for the event (a calendar entry) a day before (so you know there is something to happen) and another one 30min/2hours before depending on travel time (this is not being calculated, just an example). In iCloud you can set two reminders to your liking.

May I ask why it's not possible? Really interested.

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