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PlatformServerOSDebianOS VersionDebian Jessie
Product Version4.0.0 
Summary0004510: Create events in Web Calendar

I have added a Web Calendar in SOGo which runs from a DAViCal / CalDav server. The sync works perfectly and events created in Thunderbird sync/show on the Web Calendar.

When creating new events in SOGo, I cannot change the "Calendar" option to select the newly added DAViCal Web Calendar - only "Personal Calendar" is available.

Is this a bug/missing feature? or is there a special entry in the configuration file that needs to be adjusted

Steps To Reproduce

Add web calendar
Create calendar event
Try to select the newly added web calender under the "calendar" option

Additional Information

I have full rights to create/delete/edit the DAViCal calendar. I can add events to this calendar from Thunderbird.

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2018-08-24 04:58

reporter   ~0013007


I experience exactly the same problem. I cannot create new event in my web calendar (it is a google calendar). I also can only edit scheduled/repeating events in that calendar and not one off events which seems odd.

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