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Summary0004490: Days parameter of vacation option is added to the resulting sieve rule although "always respond" is enabled

Hello. To describe the situation: I'm using MailCow and it has SoGo (web) integrated. I really like the idea of bascially an "auto respond" option (aka. vacation) and also tried it out.
If you enable the always respond option in the vacation tab, which actually, as the name is hinting it, respond with the set message to EVERY incoming message, it should actually do that. Tho there is still the drop down option to respond every x days and you can't get rid of that.
Summary: you enable the option but it only answers (in my case) every day once, but I'd like it to respond on every incoming E-Mail with my set template.
If you look up in mailcow, which "active filters" (check for the sieve rules) there is still shown that the "answer x days" option is enabled and the always respond option. No matter what I do, it shows every time, not just the "always respond option".

If that explanation is may be a bit unclear, please excuse that, I can also link that GitHub issue I created, in which the situation is explained again and another user, also reporting that he's experiencing the same issue.

Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce that issue (I don't think it's MailCow exclusive, would be pretty weird if it was), go into the web version of SoGo, enable the vacation option, set your message and additionally the subject, turn on always respond, set it to the minimum of days and you will see that it will just respond once.

(I hope this can somehow be fixed, as I really, really like the idea of an auto responding system, but to every E-Mail and not just a minimum of one single E-Mail a day)

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has duplicate 0004499 acknowledgedfrancis Vacation option does not respond to every E-Mail, although the checkbox is ticked 


Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2018-11-09 10:08

developer   ~0013165

"always respond" option means, that Vacation is send before processing other SIEVE filter rules.
It does not change the "answer x days" option.

If I understand you right, you want to be able to set "answer x days" to zero for disabling?

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