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0004481SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2018-06-10 09:13
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Versionnightly master 
Summary0004481: Email alarm/notification is not sent

Reported by cronjob:

<0x0x1831960[WOContext]> missing request in -baseURL call ..

It connects to SMTP and sends "QUIT". The above error was extracted from the cronjob return.

Nightly is actually v4. :-)ยด

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2018-06-10 09:13

reporter   ~0012913

I tested it on stable 4.0.0, it is the same. But... I don't think that's a problem with "missing request" at all.

I tried to define credentials with "/usr/sbin/sogo-ealarms-notify -c bla", it failed. It just sends EHLO hostname and then QUIT to the SMTP server.

We use SMTP to send mails. Without this it works fine.

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