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0004472SOGoWeb Mailpublic2018-06-07 18:09
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version4.0.0 
Summary0004472: Some messages with html body contents are not correctly displayed (generates wide windows)

Some messages with html contents in body are not correctly displayed because they generates a wide visualization window.

I've uploaded a message which causes this issue in Sogo 4.0.0 and 4.3.10 versions.

The message generates a wide window with centerd html contents, so user have to use horizontal scrollbar to read it.

This message are correctly displayed in other mail clients (Thunderbird, Gmail).

The body contents is correctly displayed when the message is replied or forwarded, it generates a windows with regular wide, fitting its contents to it .
This beahaviour when forwarding or replying its quite similar to this other bug (0004471: Body contents are not displayed in some messages).

Steps To Reproduce

Just use the uploaded message in this bug ticket.

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2018-06-04 15:30




2018-06-06 16:39

reporter   ~0012905

Another 2 issues with this email:

  • 1st. issue: it contains two links

"Enlace al documento"
"It is available in 9 languages"

but they aren't clickable.

But if you forward the email then in the edit form you can open link pages using CTRL + mouse left click

  • 2nd. issue: If you replied the email the body of new message is blank

If you forward the email no problem, it contains full message.



2018-06-06 16:52

reporter   ~0012906

The wide message appears with Firefox 54.0 and 60 and Chrome 64.0.3282.186

The empty body when replying the message appears with FF 54.0, with FF 60 and Chrome 64.0.3282.186 no issue.

The non functional links issue: appears with any version of FF and Chrome



2018-06-07 18:09

administrator   ~0012911

  1. Wide content -- fixed by forcing content wrapping of PRE elements.
  2. Links -- not fixed; we currently don't support a <base> tag and relative links.
  3. Reply -- fixed.

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