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0004336SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2018-04-24 14:47
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Product Version3.2.10 
Summary0004336: Clicking on Calendar Date or Date/Time unresponsive

No matter what Calendar view I am using when I click on a Day or an Hour within the Day it does nothing.

You have to go to the big green + sign to add an event. Even then I am first stopped to choose between 2 icons (Task vs Event).

Anytime I am training someone to use this calendar it seems the first thing they try and do is double click on a Day to create an event.

This is such a preferred first behavior that I feel it is a human trait we should cater to as a secondary method and not require the big green plus sign.

Is this possible? Is there any plans for this?

Steps To Reproduce

Click on any calendar day or time

Additional Information

I have created a youtube video for you to make the situation more obvious.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2017-11-13 13:38

developer   ~0012428

Double clicks and right clicks are no longer used, because of tablet and smartphone usage.



2018-04-24 14:47

reporter   ~0012852

I just learned that an event can be created by pressing the mouse button and moving the mouse pointer. Not being able to create an event with a double click also surprised me when I upgraded from SOGO version 2 to 4.

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