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0000408SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2015-01-22 09:35
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Summary0000408: views: draw the day/week/month views with DOM methods to avoid a request

When refreshing or changing the current view, the grid is refreshed from the server before the events are queried. When refreshing the same day, the grid should not be redrawn at all, when changing day or changing view, the drawing process should be done with DOM methods to avoid a double request to the server which is slower anyway.

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related to 0000950 closedludovic mini-month: should be drawn with DOM methods 




2010-02-13 18:33

viewer   ~0000547

Proposed model:

  1. day/week/month squeleton view drawn from JS code with DOM methods
  2. events would still need to be queries from the server, but should be based on ideas from webdav-sync:
    1. where only changes are returned
    2. new/modified events would be drawn/redrawn
    3. deleted events would be removed
    4. old events would be kept

Additionnaly, the deletion of an event would trigger the redraw of the view, as was done before.

1 - remove one query from the server (db and sogo IO)

  • day/week/month templates would be made obsolete and thus decrease in XML/ObjC code side
  • increase in JS code size
    2.1 - would reduce the amount of data transfered from the db server to the server and from the server to the client (db and sogo IO)
  • would slighty increase the load on the db server as an additional condition on c_lastmodified would be appended to the event queries (db CPU)
    2.2/3/4 - would reduce the amount of node manipulations in the view (client CPU)

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